About Us

Choice Components is a distributor committed to becoming one of the most trusted sellers of television parts in North America.

We have a strong team of owners and management coming from a variety of business and electronics backgrounds allowing for great collaboration, unique and creative solutions to problems. This all leads to the best value for our customers and the absolute top level of customer service.

We offer a superior shopping experience, fast delivery, and unsurpassed customer service.
 We believe that our service to the customer needs to go far beyond the original order, we work hard to ensure that our customers are happy, from online order through to its arrival and use.

Our team of service associates are available by phone or e-mail  to ensure your complete satisfaction.

In regards to our Secondary Markets / Refurbished products:

Choice Components is an independent reseller unassociated with product manufacturers or license holders. Use of their names, logos and trademarks is intended as "fair use" only for the independent resale of their products, and it does not imply any affiliation with or sponsorship by the manufacturers or license holders.