A-1779-738-A Main Board for a Sony TV (XBR-46HX909 and more)

A-1779-738-A Main Board for a Sony TV (XBR-46HX909 and more)

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A-1779-738-A Main Board for a Sony TV

Known Models:

Sony XBR-46HX909 (1)
Sony XBR-52HX909 (1)


A software update is required upon installing this part. After replacing this board please Visit Sony Support and follow the software update instructions below.

 Software Update Instructions:
 - Download the correct firmware for your model from Sony.
 - Format a flash drive to Fat 32
 - Extract the firmware to the flash drive. Check the instructions as most firmware needs the
  folder to be extracted to the flash drive with the file inside it. It will not work if you just extract
  the bin file only.
 - With power disconnected insert the thumb drive.
 - Plug in power and wait. If the TV stays on standby hit the power button, if it goes to amber
  and green let it run
 - Wait! Give the TV 10 minutes, if the update works
  the light will change to Amber and Red. The TV will reboot several times during the install. Wait
  until the onscreen display tells you to remove the flash drive.
 - If the install does not work unplug power and flash drive. Turn on the TV and then try inserting
  the flash drive again.